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Our team consists of highly dedicated and well-trained researchers. Many of our research assistants are interns, post-doctorates, and international visiting scholars interested in furthering their knowledge and gaining quality research experience. There are ample opportunities to be involved in all aspects of research (i.e., participant recruitment, conducting experiments, data management, study coordination, and data analysis).

We welcome passionate and motivated individuals to join our research team. This may include:

  1. An undergraduate interested in gaining first research experience
  2. A post-bac interested in deepening your research experience or applying to graduate school
  3. An honor or master student interested in conducting a thesis research project
  4. International students or visiting scholars looking for cutting-edge research experience abroad

Varying roles involve different commitment requirements. Visiting scholars (3 months) and summer interns are considered full time. Undergraduates may be eligible for course credit or work-study and must commit a maximum of 15 hours.

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